• Pripyat River, Belarus, without doubt the Amazon of Europe

    Pripyat River, Belarus

    without doubt the Amazon of Europe

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    Autumn at Lake Kerkini


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  • Wahgi Valley & the Mount Hagen, the heart of the Papua New Guinean highlands

    Wahgi Valley & the Mount Hagen

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    Durankulak Lake

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    Gamboa sunset


    Homes made for birders.


Date: 11-08-2017

Trans Niugini Tours announces new Presidential Suite at Rondon Ridge

Written by: Bob Bates, regarding partner: Rondon Ridge Lodge

Rondon Ridge Villa Wingti

A new Presidential Suite has been added to Rondon Ridge lodge. It has been named the Villa Wingti after a previous PNG Prime Minister who was born in the Mount Hagen area.

The Presidential suite is a two storied unit with two bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, and a kitchen, bar, lounge area and fireplace downstairs.

More information at http://www.bedandbirding.com/details.php?id=22